Lazy Weekend.

I'm never really "stressed" anymore, which is a good thing. The only stress I have is the stress I am putting on myself constantly. It's cool.

The weekend was very uneventful. Friday night Jeff helped out putting hardwood floors in at Jeremy and Wendy's house and I sat home and watched the Opening Ceremony of the say thanks for everyone in the field for all their hard work. Then I came home and hung out with Riley and Auggie for the afternoon and watched Liscense to Wed. It was just as cheezy as the first time I saw it.

And that's been about the highlight of my weekend on and cleaning out my fridgerator where I Olympics. All I can say is Wow.
Saturday I went to work and volunteered for our Summer BBQ Promo - it was fun. I was able to had stuff in there from 2006! You don't realize how old stuff is...soo gross!

I'm getting really excited to go to Florida to visit Dad for his 50th birthday. I know Jeff and I are in ready of a much needed break. And the way things are going, I should be dramatically lighter from the last time I was there.

Last week I clocked in with a 4.7 lb loss!! I was so thrilled. This week should be a good one too. They measured me last week and I have lost a total of 7 inches around my entire body and 4 alone in my waist. I've already dropped a pants size, and my most favorite trouser jeans don't fit anymore. My friend Melanie told me Saturday that I had droopy butt - but it was a good thing.

I guess I need to get some new jeans...yay!! Anyway, that's' the highlight of my weekend...hope yours was more eventful.

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