Damn you, Printer....

So, I'm printing stuff out - very important stuff mind you. I get my 1st copy. I read it over - typo. Crap. I do it again - and it runs out of INK! Crap again. I need this paper so bad, I call Jeff at poker (don't bother a man in a card game - trust me), email him the document, and then have him print it out. It's 11 - I'm tired...too tired to wait for him to get home.

I hope he remembers - otherwise, I'm screwed!

I have 2 biggies in the hopper right now...and really I'm only 25% of the way there. So, we'll see.

Everything happens for a reason, and that reason is VERY unclear to me currently. I need some clarity. Sooner than later...please?


Strike 2...

Today I got up, put on my fabulous Green Striped Banana Republic Dress and camel wedge slides. I go through the entire day thinking nothing of it. 5:47, I get called into my bosses office for wearing "flip flops". Not sure there. Evidently, they were not work appropriate or what I'd like to call NWA (Not Work Appropriate).

Did something happen to in trends from last year to this year that these shoes were considered not dressy enough? I'm confused. I'm confused about a lot more than that though, just the tip of the iceberg.

I'm tired, and I wish the Card's game was over so I could take over my Tivo.


Another One Crosses Over to the Dark Side

So, after a most fantastic weekend, Melissa and Ryan have crossed over to the dark side - into marriage. Dun dun dunnn!!!!!
Welcome. We've been expecting you. Let me just tell you, all the hard work she put into her wedding definitely paid off. It was perfect! From the flowers to the slide shows -everything. Fantastic!
Jeff and I had a great time - we got there around 5:30 to make sure everything was set up perfectly. After a little domino action with the placecard holders, Paige, Jeff and I were able to get everything back in place. Jeff was in love with all the cars at Kemp Auto Museum - it was pretty stinkin' cool.
So now, I think we are all tapped out of wedding until October when we have 3! Better start saving the moolah now.