Day #4

Well, I'm doing pretty good today. I wanted to share some awesome news that my BFF Melissa joined Jenny Craig this week too! So excited! We'll be able to talk together and go through the process together. It's like having a workout buddy - it just seems to go better if you do it with someone.

So, today was crazy busy - I woke up a little late and was checking email and eating my mulit-grain hoops cereal, then I headed off to work and had a banana before a 2 hour meeting. Then lunch I had beef lo mein and then white cheddar popcorn - not the best combo, but it's what was calling me at the time.

Then I got busy again, so I ate a fruit cup before my drive home.  The weather in St. Louis is CRAZY! The fog has been incredible. Good for me, because I have ZERO interest in leaving the office which means no tempation for lunching. The other thing I've been focusing on is drinking more water. I brought in a big water container and my office has crushed iced machine like 20 feet from me - soo excited. Isn't it amazing how much more you like to drink ice water with crushed ice?

On tap tonight, I'm going to dust off the Wii Fit and maybe play a little Just Dance - fun fun game.

For dinner, I'll be going for meatloaf and then green beans to go on the side and my yogurt I didn't eat earlier.  I don't mind making a whole can of green beans because I share with Riley Sue. Apparently green beans are good for dogs - who knew? She's prissy though, she only likes the french cut. I've created a monster!!

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