New Hair Do....Again!

So, a month ago I got my hair cut and I got bangs. I loved them, and then I realized ehhh, it was just a phase. During my haircut, Karyl and I agreed that we'd grow it out and see how it goes...so I've been growing out for a month and I HATE IT! The problem is I have an angled Bob and the back is layered and the sides are not...so I feel like it's soo bulky!

My best friend, Google Images, came up with this do today. I'm about a month out for side swept bangs, but I think I'm a short hair gal. So, I'm diggin' this hair...thoughts?

Okay, I found another one...


  1. Oh noo! I did the same thing about a month ago! I hate them lol and Now I am in the awkward stage to short to side sweep and too long to just wear straight down! So I just pin them back! I like the do in the pic!

    p.s. Found you on 20sb!You had me @ reality TV & celeb gossip junkie! =D

  2. I think both those haircuts you showed are CUTE! Go for it!!!