A Zipline in St. Louis?

On our honeymoon in St. Lucia, Jeff and I went on a Zipline Tour through the rainforest. I for one was terrified to do it, but I knew my then new hubby wanted some adventure. He also told me if I went he would buy me a new purse. He knows a way to a girls heart. After the first run, I actually had a really great time, and almost 3 years later we still talk about fun it was. I'm pretty much a weenie when it comes to this kind of stuff, but it definitetly fantastic.

Well, I came across the Living Social Deal today for Eco Zipline Tour is just outside St. Louis, and it sounds a fantastic fun. It's a company right by Hermann and sounds like the perfect day trip. for $37, you'll get to do 10 ziplines -which is usually a $75 value!  So, if you make it a day date, it's more than 1/2 price! Once you do your zipping, then just head over to the wineries for a relaxing afternoon.

From my research, it looks like you'll be able to get up to 50 miles an hour and there is a zipline over 1200 feet. Holy Cow -  I actually think this is longer and more ziplines than our honeymoon.

This would even be a great trip for kids, and with the price cut more than half, how can you not give it a whirl. I'm so excited to book our reservations and pack a picinic lunch and enjoy a great glass of wine.

So you can take advantage of this deal, you'll need to act this weekend. The deal ends on Sunday night!



  1. This sounds awesome! My husb would love this. Thanks for passing on the info.

  2. There's a zipline at Meramec Caverns as well that Keith went on with coworkers. I haven't done one in awhile but they are fun :)

  3. Yes - I'm excited. I surpised Jeff this morning with it. He is highly against the wineries though. He's a beer man - so he says.