Missing in Action

Miss me? Yes, I've missed you too. I've been insanely busy this week. I had great intentions of blogging all week, but it just didn't happen. This week was the introduction to my new position at work, and trying to juggle training, the old job and transitioning to my new job. I got to meet my new boss who was in this week for training. Then I had a get to know you dinner with my new team on Tuesday night. Then I started getting sick. Yuck. So, that leaves me here on Sunday night watching the E! Red Carpet for the Golden Globes.

This weekend wasn't very productive. Friday night we stayed in ordered a little Chinese food and watched 50/50. I apparently fell asleep in the middle and woke up at the end. 

Saturday I made the trek to Costco for the necessities ( I know, so exciting, right?) and then hubs and I went on a trip to Home Depot and Lowe's to find some shelving options for the closet in the laundry room. I had a brilliant idea that we should turn that into overflow kitchen storage. For serving platters, crock pots and that kind of stuff rather than shoving everything in cabinets and they are a mess. Found a great Rubbermaid pantry kit.  Jeff installed it today while I was out and it turned out fantastic. Now, I just need to organize a little bit. 

Then today we headed out to church, and then I met up with Alyssa and we had lunch at Chevy's and did a little shopping. It was fun catching up with her. I feel like I haven't seen her in eons! It's funny from seeing her everyday from when we were training for the half marathon. 

And now, just watching the Golden Globes.

I'm excited to be off work tomorrow and then Tuesday I'm headed out the Portland and Seattle for some work meetings. I'm super excited to go my trip and visit the Pacific Northwest! 

Okay, most boring post ever!
                             Lilly Pulitzer Ciara Tunic Multi Chorus Girl
Lilly Pulitzer Ciara Tunic Multi Chorus Girl (clipped to polyvore.com)

In other news, my shopping hiatus officially died this week. I couldn't pass up an awesome deal for this Lilly tunic. LOVE! I did sell 4 items and I now have enough for my Sloane Dress, that I'm still debating. Okay, enough from me. 

I'm super excited about the Pink Swap! I'm excited I have The Pink Pineapple! I had such a great time last year participating, so I'm excited to do it again this year! 

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  1. You knew you'd have to start shopping, esp with traveling I'm sure you'll find some stores up there you really want to go to.

    Have fun!