New Years Resolutions

This year, I have not made resolutions. I am making goals and WRITING THEM DOWN. Resolutions are only meant to be broken. So, after some advice from my lady doctor, I have decided to go Gluten Free. While there is no scientific data to conclude that it is linked to PCOS, there is enough information that I've researched that it would greatly help my symptoms. So, I say what the heck. I weighed myself at the beginning of the week and I'll begin to track my results on My Fitness Pal. You should be my friend (CashCowan) and we can be accountable together!

New Year's Day, I started. It wasn't as horrible as I thought it would be. Now, I haven't craved a Jimmy John's sub or pizza in 4 days, but I'm sure it will happen. I've gotten very intrigued by gluten free baking mixes and baking in general since I love doing it so much. So, once my eggs get to room temperature, I'm making flour-less chocolate walnut cookies. Minus the walnuts - sub extra chocolate chips.

The other goal I had for myself this year is to take up yoga. Last year I purchased a groupon for a local studio for a month and I was just too much of a weenie to go since I didn't know all the poses. I had tried Bikram with Alyssa and couldn't handle the heat. So, I purchased the Bethenny yoga workout video and started doing that this week. Hopefully, that will allow me to get the flow down so I don't look like a super amateur going in. I'm also completely fascinated with The Bar Method. But, again, too much of a weenie to go right now. So my goal is to go to yoga the month of February. We are also going to start back to our regular gym and I can bust out my Zumba dance moves!

And 1 more goal - just a month long goal. No shopping January.

Why? - well, I don't need anything AT ALL. I am allowed to buy gas, and groceries and that is it. Basically, I'm not setting foot into a mall until February. I don't know how I am going to handle it. I do have a $30 gift card to Starbucks, that I can use, but once it's gone...it's gone!

And, I know you're thinking, um JEN HELLO?!? You kinda did some Lilly shopping on Tuesday.

Well yes, I did. And that was it. No more. Kaboom!

Next month I'm going to try the wardrobe remix!


  1. ooh good luck on being gluten free! I will be very interested to see how it affects your PCOS symptoms as well.

  2. i'm so excited you're going to do the 30 for 30 remix! i'm sure it will be a lot of fun. the cool thing is, that after doing it, i haven't really bought many new clothes this whole year. there's something to be said for that! :)

  3. Hi from your newest follower! Love your blog and love finding another Lilly-loving blogger!