Mad Men Love

I must confess I didn't watch Mad Men until last year and over the past 6 months Jeff and I have been steadily catching up. We're now in the middle of season 4 and should be all caught up for the premier March 25th! I was totally excited today when I got an email from House Party that I was selected to host a Mad Men Premier House Party! Totally excited. 

In addition to the premier of Mad Men my mecca store, Banana Republic rolled out a Mad Men Collection from the show's costume designer Janie Bryant. This is the second collection, and I couldn't pass up this adorable dress!  I can't turn away polka dots!

So, that's my exciting Friday news! House Party changed their requirements so you have to send out 10 emails to even be selected for the party. I'd much prefer to do an evite or a Facebook invite, but sadly, I've got to play by their rules. I'm really tempted to have a themed party where everyone has to dress up!

Jeff dressed as Don Draper? Yes, PLEASE!

Anyone else excited about Mad Men?

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  1. how exciting!!! love Mad Men! it has been off for way too long and can't wait for the new season to start this month!