Kidecals Review & Discount Code!

Have you heard of Kidecals?

The cool thing about the Kidecal labels is that they are dishwasher safe and washing machine safe and pretty much great for everything. Even clothes. How cool is that?

They are personalized labels that are perfect for everything! They asked if I wanted to try out some of their goodies and see how they worked.  I was excited because I have a labeling & sticker problem. They asked me to pick out anything I wanted and give it a whirl.

I picked 2 different items to try:

1) Chalkboard Labels and 2) Monogrammed Girls Labels for Hattie.

My package arrived and bonus - there was a sheet of Mustache Labels too!

I used the monogrammed circle labels to put on all of Hattie's toys that we take with us on play dates. That will be a quick identifier when we are our and about and need to quickly identify toys and won't fall off when there is excessive amounts of drool. Believe me - with a teething almost 6 month year old - there is drool. Win!

I'm a BIG  fan of Organizing and Kitchen Labels. I used the Chalkboard Labels to continue my crazy Pinterest/DIY obsession. I used them on Mason Jars to label silverware for our 4th of July BBQ. Turned out really cute. Ignore my messy handwriting, I really need to get some chalk pens. The chalk comes off with no problem for when you don't have the best penmanship.

And as an added bonus I used the mustache labels on cups at the BBQ. The kids thought they were super fun and drew all over their cups to make them their own. Big hit!

Kidecals has free shipping and you can use the code fashion and 15% off your first purchase. Can't beat that! I'm thinking when Hattie gets older, these will be perfect for lunchboxes, swimming bags and backpacks so we know which ones are hers.
What Kidecal would you want to use in your home?

Disclaimer - Kidecals contacted me to provide an honest review of their product. In no way did this impact my opinion of the product.


Baby Pool Days

Baby Pool Days

If you've been following me on Instagram, then you'll know that my little lady is becoming quite the fishy. She absolutely loves the water and is fearless. Lately, we've been spending time our in our baby pool in the backyard, but this week we are going to venture to Tot Hour at one of the local pools (weather permitting).  

I thought I'd put together some of my favorite must haves for pool time fun. My favorite are the BabyGap Swimsuits. They have a SPF 50 built into the suit and super cute. I actually picked up this same suit at Gap Outlet - so I'm not sure why it's on the regular site. But I'll take it! 

Sticking with our cloth diaper theme, we are using cloth swim diapers. Really, it just needs to hold poop if they go. I picked up some cute ones at Nicky's Diapers for $5 each.  Just make sure you change into cloth when you get there. Doesn't hold pee!

Our pediatrician recommended limited sun exposure up to 6 months, but if we did sunscreen and a big hat and of course sunglasses.  Like Mommy! We've done a good job of this - she doesn't even look like she's been in the sun!

My last favorite item is the PBK Beach Nursery Towel. We have one for bath time and she is going to love this one!  I ordered it over the weekend. Can't pass them being on sale for $11 and free shipping and I may have used our registry completion discount too. Score!

I'm sure at some point we'll be throwing floating and a baby raft into the mix, but for now we're pretty content with our 2 inches of water in the backyard.

Any must haves on your pool bag list?  

4th of July Fashion

4th of July

Holy Cow - it's July already? It's hard to believe in 4 short days we will be hosting our annual Boom Shaka Laka 4th of July Party. Well, this year it's the 5th of July. The guys have gone on the quest for fireworks and I'm working on the final few menu items for the big day.  One thing I don't have to worry about is what Hattie and I will be wearing - I ordered that months ago! 

Kohl's kept sending me free $10 gift cards, so Hattie's top was free.  Score! I had picked up  a 9 month size because I thought she was growing like a weed when I bought it. Now I'm worried it will be a bit big. We'll see. I also picked up these adorable star shorts from Baby Gap. They look a bit big too, but she'll have some wiggle room to grow into. 

I picked up my top at Lilly Pulitzer and from what I've been told it's almost sold out. So glad I planned ahead. I wore it a couple weeks ago and it even got picked up for the Summer of Lilly Website. Yay! My friends were teasing me on Sunday asking when Lilly would be mandatory for all of our parties. My response - soon, very soon. 

Now if I could get Jeff to wear his Dark 'n Stormy tie, I'd be a happy lady. 

How are you celebrating your 4th of July Weekend?


That One Time We Went Swimming

So Monday we attempted the baby pool. 

Let's say the afternoon nap wasn't in the cards. I had to wear her out.

We got her in. She wasn't impressed. Almost fell asleep.

Then realized this is pretty cool. 

Then proceeded to flip over and practice her swimming for over a half hour. She apparently is fearless. Kept dunking her face in the water and sticking her tongue out and licking the water. Hilarious

I'd say our first day in the pool was a success! 

And the last time we wear this swimsuit. It's a 0-6 month. Boo hoo.

Oh, and she napped. Was 2 hours into her nap and I had to wake her up at 5:30. 

Otherwise she wouldn't have gone to bed at 7! 


Diapers, Sippy Cups & Lilly Oh My...


Happy Monday! Hope you had a fabulous weekend! Ours was pretty uneventful.
Saturday was National Wear Your Lilly Day. I was so excited because I had matching outfits for us and sadly the 6-12 month didn't quite fit yet. The shifts run small, so I thought this dress would do the trick. We'll try again in a month or so. We ended up in a baby shift and momma wore the Hattie top I got it when I was pregnant and knew it was meant to be.
After our cute photos I ventured out to Cotton Babies for the $1 Diaper Sale. I will say I did pretty good. I got 9 diapers and 8 microfiber inserts for $29. Not bad! Now I have enough to keep a few in the car for emergencies. I was able to get 5 $1 diapers and $.25 inserts, so keeping a couple in the back of the car isn't a bad deal at all. I just like to be prepared.
Sunday we ventured out to the Liter Sale at Beauty Brands. Every year hubs is insistent that we go the day it starts so he can get his man shampoo. I tell him the only difference is they put man smell in. He doesn't believe me. But, we got a few liters for the year, including Tea Tree Shampoo. LOVE that stuff. Then we went to Freddy's for lunch. If you've never been there - it is similar to Steak 'n Shake with the burgers and fries. I always get a kids meal and it is more than enough.
This week should be pretty quiet. I always like Monday's. We get back into our routine. This week we are going to attempt Tot Time Swim at one of the local pools. Jeff think's she is too little. I think it would be a fun activity. We'll see who wins that war.
Then later this week we have 2 birthday parties, Hattie gets to meet her Great Grandparents who are coming in on Friday and celebrating Jeff's birthday on Saturday. He requested a summer salad and a pineapple upside down cake. I can handle that.
Oh and my baby started playing with a sippy cup this weekend. When did she get so big!?! She has a teeny bit of water and is more interested in chewing on the handle.
Happy Monday!