The End of an Era

With an open heart and mind, I have decided to end Cash Cowan. It wasn't a hard decision as I'd like to focus on a new adventure - And Hattie Makes Three.

Feel Free to follow on over there.

Thank you for your many years of support, feedback and friendship. It was a blast.



Christmas Pajama Party!

Can you believe Christmas is just 3 days away?
Today I'm linking up for the Christmas Pajama Party! I'm so excited because last week Hattie got to spend a little time in Brooke's Studio with for a Christmas Jammie Party!
Needless to say, she had a ball.
Her BFF, Will, jumped in on the action too. When these two get together, they are serious hams! It's so fun to have a friend the same age. We can do lots of fun things with them!
Everyone thinks we should send that picture into Ellen because it is too funny!
Hattie's jammies are from Carter's and her headband is from Ruby Blue Inc.


Gwynnie Bee - Round 2

  As I mentioned in my first post, I opted into Gwynnie Bee for a month to see if this would be something I would be interested in. I've been adding items to my closet and trying things on and sending things back. So far, I'd say I've kept about 50% of the items. Here are a few that I've had in the past week. My subscription will be ending at the end of November.

 First up - the Karen Kane Carousel Top.

Love Love Love this!
I wish I had gotten it in a smaller size. This was super comfy, very flattering and casual all at the same time. I wore this to Friendsgiving. I paired it with jeans, flats & a J. Crew Statement Necklace.

I really wanted to love this dress. It's fun, casual and perfect for date night. Sadly, it was just too big for me. I even tried to pair it with a belt to see if I could make it happen. I'd likely put this back in my closet at a smaller size.
I wanted to love this. I didn't even take a picture of me wearing it. Jeff said - woah, send that back ASAP. The pleats just hit so wrong and it was super big. I thought it would have been cute for the wedding. Sadly, a big miss.
This is not a flattering dress. I even sized down hoping that it would be more fitted and it still wasn't. I think it makes your chest look bigger than it is. I also didn't like that there was a good 3-4 inches on the bottom with no slip. Total strike out.
So, you're caught up on what I've been picking up from Gwynnie Bee. Overall, I'm finding the fits to be too large. I need a little snugger fit. I've adjusted and have been ordering down a size, but even with the last one, I could have gone down another size.
I'm still thinking I'll be canceling at the end of the month as I sit here in my yoga pants and big wrap sweater. It's just not practical for me staying home. If I was working - absolutely. I will say right now they have 50% off items to keep. All of these if they worked were super affordable to keep in my closet. I had one come yesterday that I bought - more on that in the next review!
I've been holding onto 1 dress since my first shipment that I'll be wearing next weekend to the wedding. I'll get 2 more items shipped likely before I cancel. Overall, the shipping has been fairly quick. I like that I can tell them I put something in the mail and they begin to package my new order.
That's all for now! I'll do 1 more post and an overall pro and con of the service.


Friday Five

  Happy Friday, I'm linking up with a few of my favorite blogs to bring you my Friday Five!

1) Friendsgiving is Saturday! This has to be one of my favorite events of the year. Where else can you bring all your favorite people and your favorite foods together for fun?  My Bffie hosts every year and I'm sure this year will be equally superb.

2) Treat Yo Self - earlier this week I was on Ashley's blog about great Christmas gifts. I like her idea so much, I treated myself early! Can't wait for these Kate Spade Sparklers to be here! Bonus they are 25% off!

3) Oh Christmas Dress oh Christmas Dress...

Before H was born I got her the most adorable Beaufort Bonnet Cordy Jumper for Christmas. Then after many discussions with my mom and cousin, apparently H needed a Christmas Plaid dress. Well, I got 2.  I ended up with a killer deal at Kohls (hello 30% off, $10 off $25 and $10 off) for her Chaps Dress and another cutie Carters one. Luckily she has Christmas photos with Santa, so we have an excuse to wear both! Are fancy Christmas dresses still a thing?

4) 1st Birthday Shoot! - Eek this week we were contacted by Glory Photography to book H's 1st year photo shoot! I'm sure it's going to be pretty amazing. I cried like a baby the first time I saw her newborns. I'm sure this will be no different!  She looks like a baby doll! I die....


5)  SNOW?!?! - They are calling for up to 2 inches of snow on Saturday? I'm not ready for all of that! All I know is Hattie and I are not going to be cooped up at home all winter. We are ladies who like to be out and about!


October Recap - A Photo Shoot with Snow White

We were so blessed out of the craziness of a local mom group on Facebook to have found Brooke & Will.  I'm not sure how it happened, I may have put an ISO out and I had a note from Brooke. We were supposed to meet the day my dad passed. And even though we hadn't met, I could tell we were going to be good friends.

Will was born early but was originally due the week before Hattie. It's uncanny sometimes how similar they are. Sometimes if Will is mastering a new skill or sleeping poorly, we wait a week and H is doing the same thing! It's pretty incredible. Having a mom friend with a kiddo the exact same age is the best thing in the world. When naps don't happen, we joke. When new foods are tried we share messy pictures. It's good.

It's amazing how people come into your life for a reason or a season and for me, it was exactly what we needed.  Super bonus - Brooke has a photography business and was so sweet to take Miss H's pictures for Halloween. Unfortunately, someone didn't take good naps that day, but she still was oh so adorable.   We had big plans with dwarfs and apples - but it just didn't pan out. They are still super cute though!

Here are a few of my favorites -

Halloween Costume is Disney Baby - from Costco. Even more bonus, it washed super well and we'll be able to share it with another Snow White next year!

If you're in the need of a fabulous photographer, definitely check out Brooke Boyer Photography. She does great work!